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Interesting Bits

Fun Stuff

  • Cow Days
    How true!
  • Fuchsia Maria Landy
    Maria was honoured to have a fuchsia named after her, because of her work in special needs, by Malcolm Wilkinson from Grimsby. She gets a great thrill from being able to buy herself for £1.29 in Morrisons or 89p in B&Q – when you spot her, let her know! She is very vain in the spring, reading all the fuchsia labels in the shops, she loves giving herself away!! Evidently, she is a nursery man's dream as she grows well!!! Have you seen her? She's single, pink and violet – H2, Bush variety – Wilkinson, UK, 1991.
  • Summer in the City
    Have a look at this brilliant dance – it would make a great assembly or lesson starter!

Our Cats

Sadly we have lost all three of our old cats in the last year: Slick, the black "Siamese" boss cat departed in July last year; Lurkio, "The Emperor", died quite suddenly just before Christmas 2008; and Purrfick, "The drama queen" Siamese lasted 5 days past her 18th birthday in April this year. This left Majic, the Maine Coon on her own!

We decided in February to look for another cat as we'ed lost 2 already and Purrfick was getting frailer by the month. Luck gave us a pair of interesting cats that needed a home – they are half brother and sister (sharing the same mother) but born a year apart. Whisper, a large male 18 months old product of a Rag Doll father and Bengal mother with beautiful blue eyes and a true successor to Lurkio being a Big Softie. Tabatha, a beautiful 6 month old Cross between a Local Tabby and the same Bengal mother as Whisper. They have now joined Majic and eventually have came to tolerate each other even if sometimes they aren't the best of friends.