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Training Courses

All of our courses offer training and advice tailored to your needs and wants, we are specialists in SEN in special schools, special academies, free schools and mainstream schools. Courses can be either school based, area based (with groups of schools joining together), Academy chain or Free School cluster based, or alternatively Local Authority based. Day courses average 6 hours in length and information on each of them can be found on this website. To discuss your requirements, find out more about available dates and pricing – please contact us.

• What is effective? What works?

It is so hard to stay up to date with the wide range of materials now readily available. Maria will check that you have seen and are using the most recent and effective materials related to SEN and disabilities. She discusses the best ways to get the messages over to both new and serving teachers and how to illustrate and change attitudes and practice. She will use examples of a wide a variety of needs and ages, and will explain some of the most effective approaches she sees that significantly help in improving learning, teaching and assessment for all learners including those will SEN and disabilities.

• Understanding Target Setting

  • How to set effective targets for improvement.
  • Understanding national, school, EHC plans, subject and statutory targets.

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• How well do you PARRC?

How to Plan, Assess, Record, Report and Celebrate the progress of pupils with SEN over time.

  • How well do you PARRC?
  • How well do you keep evidence regarding Standards?
  • How to review and update your curriculum planning, especially in the light of the recent national changes and latest legislation.

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• Self-Evaluation – Evidence Ready for Inspection?

Implications for Special and Mainstream Schools, Academies and Free Schools, Centres and Specialists SEN Providers with a particular focus on Leadership and Management.

  • How to complete your Self Evaluation and be Ofsted ready.
  • How to get your evidence ready.
  • How to set up your systems to self evaluate.
  • What to have on your website!

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• How to Judge and Improve Teaching, Learning and Assessment

  • Making judgements - using the latest criteria.
  • Writing the evidence - matching the observation, grade and words.
  • Giving feedback well - helping staff to self reflect on practice.
  • Developing competences in teaching - polishing performance.
  • Assessment and recording linked to teaching and learning.
  • Having the evidence ready to be able to progress as skilled teachers to gain promotion.

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• The Special School Curriculum - How to do it!

  • To provide support for Curriculum Leaders.
  • To ensure you are up-to-date – doing right things as well as things right.
  • To provide practical good ideas to improve practice.
  • To use the most relevant aspects of the national curriculum for pupils with SEN&D.

• Performance Management (PM)

  • Training staff and governors in the process of judging performance.
  • Understanding the statutory nature of PM for teachers and PM for senior leaders.
  • Observing colleagues at work and recording the evidence.
  • Feedback, improvement and Continuous Professional Development (CPD).
  • Agreeing and writing objections, clarifying the success criteria.
  • Keeping meaningful, workable records.
  • External advisor to the appointed governors support.

• Curriculum Coordinators in Special Schools, Free Schools, Academies and Mainstream Schools

  • The National Curriculum including RE – what is expected?
  • The curriculum coordinators role.
  • Mapping the curriculum.
  • Planning formats – your PARRCs policy.
  • The National Agenda.
  • Recognition and accreditation – the changes to exams!

• Ever Ready – Self Evaluation and it's Impact on Learning for Senior Leaders.

  • The latest inspection changes.
  • The processes and systems to have in place.
  • Collecting, collating and analysing the evidence.
  • The best ways to be Ofsted ready and to use headteacher's report to governors.
  • Accountability and performance management at every level.

• SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social, Cultural) and now SMCMP (Spiritual, Moral, Cultural, Mental and Physical)

  • Help with auditing what you do.
  • Spiritual, Moral, Cultural, Mental and Physical development.
  • Sex and Relationship education – the keeping safe curriculum.
  • How do you promote well being? What do you do?
  • Help with an annual plan.
  • Gathering the evidence.
  • A focus on emotional and personal development and keeping your learners safe and well!


Ask us for our fees – they are tailored to your requirements.