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Recommended Links


  • Make sure your website is "mobile friendly"
    'Mobile access' Bring your school into the twenty first century technical age and make sure your school website is mobile friendly. Visit to see how simple it is to add a link to your website so that when your site is visited through a mobile it is easy to read.

    What a difference – most parents, carers and inspectors will start by looking at your website. It is time to make it as accessible as you can – I can recommend Jayne she is so easy to work with and helped me through the process with the minimum of fuss. For under £200 it is worth it!

    Visit Sylver Zone Mobile
  • Special Needs Jungle
    Special Needs Jungle is the UK's leading blog about SEN and Disability written for parents by parents. It provides news, information, resources and informed opinion written in an accessible style, with the aim of helping families gain the knowledge and confidence to advocate for their disabled children.

    Visit Special Needs Jungle
  • Wildlife Trackers
    Wildlife Trackers is a fantastic new game that supports children in learning about their local wildlife and to also enable them to share what they discover with other children around the country.

    The game has three main aims:

    • We believe that children have to a large extent lost the connect with nature that they used to have and this game has the aim of improving general basic knowledge of common creatures in the UK through reconnecting kids with nature.
    • To use technology to reduce the amount of screen time youngsters get by encouraging them outdoors.
    • To give parents, schools and other organisations an easy to access, free tool that makes it easy and fun for them to support youngsters in connecting with nature.

    There are 90 creatures to spot and 50 activities to take part in to complete the game. Points are awarded for each spotting and children can compete with friends and other local schools.

    It's a lot of fun - get your youngsters to give it a try and visit Wildlife Trackers now!
  • 2Simple – Making simple, powerful and creative educational software
    2Simple Software 2Build a Profile the multi-award winning record keeping app from 2Simple Software. Track pupil progress from Early Years up to the end of KS2 with no gaps! Educators can capture observations directly onto a tablet or mobile device and tag them against the full range of British curriculums including P-Scales and SMCS Frameworks.

    Visit 2Simple's website
  • Rosie Williams – Autism/Education (SEN) Consultant
    Rosie Williams offers practical advice, support and training to help you and your staff, from a one-off visit with follow-up advice to long-term support. She has over 30 years' experience in mainstream and special schools and have specialised in the field of Special Education Needs.

    If you want recent, relevant and specialist support and you live in the South of England or South Wales - Rosie may be able to help advise you.

    Rosie Williams – Poster
  • Reading Eggs | Where Children Learn to Read
    Recommendations from experienced teachers of pupils and students with significant Behavioural Difficulties - EBD or SEBD - those with Social Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties!

    Go ECLECTIC as your reading policy i.e. use anything that works! I have had good reports from trusted experienced colleagues that learners learn - enjoy and read using reading eggs and Eggspress!

    Have a look!

    Visit the Reading Eggs site
  • The Chelsea Community Hospital School's
    The Chelsea Community Hospital School's website provides information about the school which has several sites across London.

    In addition their Well at School website is superb. I recommend it to all teachers and to all support staff nationally and globally as a great source of important information.

    Visit the Chelsea Community Hospital School's site
  • Natalie Packer Educational Consultancy
    Natalie Packer Educational Consultancy Natalie Packer Educational Consultancy specialises in training, support and advice on Special Educational Needs (SEN) and School Improvement in order to improve outcomes for all pupils. A range of support is available for headteachers, senior and middle leaders, SENCOs, teachers and support staff. Advice can also be provided for clusters of schools, local authorities and other educational organisations.

    Visit Natalie Packer's site
  • British Institute of Learning Disabilities
    The British Institute of Learning Disabilities (BILD) is committed to improving the quality of life for the 1.2 million people in the UK with a learning disability.
  • Centre for Child Mental Health
    Offers conferences, events, training days and lectures for anyone interested in the emotional well-being of children and young people and aims to disseminate the latest research on child and adult mental health.
  • Educationalists
    An online resource for education specialists, resources and support - including consultants, organisations, charities, companies, universities, colleges and schools, researchers, analysts and experts!
  • FRANK – Drug Advice
    Offers free confidential drugs information and advice 24 hours a day talk to FRANK. An easy read information pack can be obtained by phoning 0800 77 66 00.
  • Inclusive Technology - hardware and software for special educational needs
    The very best special educational needs software, switches and computer access devices, simple communication aids and assistive technology for learners with a physical disability, sensory impairment or learning difficulty.
  • IGNOTS - QCA accredited qualifications designed for inclusion
    The INGOTs were developed to lower the barriers to entry for those that have in the past found it difficult to access formal certification. They cover the functional skills standards and provide additional learning units for the new diplomas with coherent progression from Entry level 1 to full Level 2. The assessment method is designed to promote personalised learning with self and peer assessment and there is credit given for co-operative working and good citizenship.
  • Learning Works
    Learning Works aim is to offer the world of education high quality training, publications and consultancy services that will make a positive difference. Download publications, book conference places, keep track of our current training, accredited CPD courses, and shop for resources.
  • The National Association for Special Educational Needs (NASEN)
    Founded in 1992, NASEN promotes the education, training, advancement and development of all those with special educational needs.
  • National Curriculum in Action
    Samples of actual pupils' work alongside commentaries helps you to see how all of the advice and guidance translates into practice.
  • Ofsted (Office for Standards in Education)
    Ofsted is a non-ministerial government department established under the Education (Schools) Act 1992 to take responsibility for the inspection of all schools in England, whether state or independent.

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