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Help with Assisted and Supported Self Evaluations

Maria can arrange to come to your school and help you inspect yourself by training you, your staff and governors – by working alongside, by joint observations and evaluations.

Here are some of the areas we could focus on:

• The Special School Curriculum - How to do it!

  • To provide support for Curriculum Leaders.
  • To ensure you are up-to-date.
  • To provide practical good ideas to improve practice.
  • To use the most relevant aspects of the new national curriculum and latest initiatives for pupils with SEN.
  • To do the right things as well as doing things right.

... also available as a training course

• How well do you PARRC?

How to Plan, Assess, Record, Report and Celebrate the progress of pupils with SEN over time.

  • How well do you PARRC?
  • How well do you keep evidence regarding Standards, Tracking Progress and Achievement?
  • How to review and update your curriculum planning, especially in the light of the recent national changes and requirements to publish on your website.
  • How well do you celebrate achievements and national accredited results?

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... also available as a training course

• Self-Evaluation – Evidence Ready for Inspection?

Implications for Special and Mainstream Schools/Free Schools/Academies and Specialist SEN Providers with a particular focus on Leadership and Management.

  • How to complete your school Self Evaluation and Ofsted SEF/SIEF.
  • How to get your evidence ready to celebrate learning and achievements.
  • How to set up your systems to self evaluate and be ready to be validated.

... more information
... also available as a training course

• How to Judge and Improve Teaching, Learning and Assessment

  • Making judgements - examining the criteria.
  • Writing the evidence - matching the observations, grades and words.
  • Giving feedback well.
  • Developing competences in teaching - polishing performance.
  • Improving the use of assessment and recording linked to teaching and learning.
  • Triangulating the evidence – observations, scrutiny of work and analysis of data.

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... also available as a training course

• Involving Pupils and their Parents/Carers in the Learning Process – Improving Teaching and Learning

  • Making individual targets clear for learners.
  • Making and using pupil version of targets.
  • Using targets and objectives well in lessons and in Education, Health and Care Plan reviews.
  • Involving parents and carers in the learning process – extending time for learning.
  • Working better as partners.

... also available as a training course

• Analysing Pupil Progress Overtime

  • How to summarise and present achievement and standards.
  • How to analyse data and take necessary action – the structured progress review between leaders and teachers.
  • Having summary evidence ready to present during inspection and performance reviews.
  • Reporting achievement and progress of individuals, vulnerable groups and the whole school.
  • Helping Governors to ask the right questions.

... also available as a training course

• Focus on your Practice – how good is it?

  • External specialists view?
  • You choose the aspects to focus on.
  • Discuss your needs with Maria and she will design the advice, support and training to match!

• Monitoring the Curriculum together

  • Led by Maria Landy visiting classrooms and carrying out work scrutiny – checking breath, balance, relevance, differentiation and amount of work.
  • School based training for subject/phase/aspect leaders.
  • Joint monitoring – personalised coaching.
  • Recognising and listing strengths, gaps and areas for development.
  • Collecting and presenting evidence well.
  • Website review – does it say what you do?

• Joint Work Sampling – doing it together!

  • All ages/phases – highest, average, lowest attainers.
  • P1 to NC8 – all levels.
  • What evidence of progress over time is there?
  • Evaluation analysis of IEPs, Annual Results and Outcomes – phasing in the new EHC (Education, Health and Care) Plans.

... also available as a training course

• Performance Management (PM) – Review of Headteacher Performance

  • Training staff and governors in the process of judging performance.
  • Understanding the statutory nature of PM for teachers, headteachers and executive principals.
  • Observing colleagues at work and recording the evidence.
  • Feedback, improvement and Continuous Professional Development (CPD).
  • Agreeing/writing objectives and clarifying the success criteria and evidence base.
  • Keeping meaningful, workable records.
  • Help with annual and interim reviews.

• Showtime – Being Ofsted/Inspection Ever Ready

  • How to collate and collect evidence.
  • Self review and quality audits.
  • Showing parents/carers, stakeholders, other agencies and inspectors what you do.
  • Preparing your displays by using your walls, meeting areas and evidence well... visual approaches - do not tell me - show me!

... also available as a training course


Ask us for our fees – they are tailored to your requirements.