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Specialist Training & Advice

The following courses have a proven national track record. If you have training days in your school, groups of schools, Academies chain or Local Authority and you want:

  • Quality In Service Training (INSET) / CPD.
  • Very good value for money.
  • An entertaining presenter.
  • Training that will improve practice and be up-to-date!
  • Specialist knowledge and experience.
  • Examples of excellent practical ideas

... then contact Maria or John.

• What is effective? What works?

It is so hard to stay up to date with the wide range of materials now readily available. Maria will check that you have seen and are using the most recent and effective materials related to SEN and disabilities. She discusses the best ways to get the messages over to both new and serving teachers/support staff and how to illustrate and change attitudes and practice. She will use examples of a wide variety of needs and ages, and will explain to you the enormous potential for good that she sees using the best materials that significantly help promote inclusion and improve learning, teaching and assessment for all learners including those with SEN and disabilities.

... also available as a training course

• Understanding Target Setting

  • How to set effective targets for improvement in Special Schools, Free Schools, Academies and Specialist SEN Provision in Mainstream Schools.
  • Understanding national EHC (Education, Health and Care) Plans plus learning targets.
  • How to involve the learners much more.

... more information
... also available as a training course

• How to Judge and Improve Teaching, Learning and Assessment

  • Making judgements - using the latest criteria.
  • Writing the evidence - matching the observation, grade and the words.
  • Giving feedback well – helping staff to self-reflect on practice.
  • Developing competences in teaching - polishing performance and coaching practice.
  • Assessment and recording linked to teaching and learning.
  • Being evidence ready so you can progress as skilled teachers to gain promotion.

... more information
... also available as a training course

• How to be Effective Subject or Aspect Leaders

  • Being clear about the role and the new National Curriculum in England, 2014.
  • How to monitor, evaluate and report on: planning, standards of achievement and the curriculum in your subject.
  • How and when to assess, record and report.
  • How to celebrate and certificate the curriculum.
  • How to help colleagues with your subject and develop as a leader.

... more information
... also available as a training course

• The National Curriculum in England, from 2014 onwards

  • To provide an overview of the history and to update your staff and governors.
  • To provide an opportunity to see how the most relevant guidance can be used by special providers.
  • To explain how best to use the materials to improve your curriculum offer.
  • To look at your website and see what you do!

... also available as a training course

• Matching Learning to Learners - Different Needs Met!

  • To look at how to differentiate in lessons.
  • How to prepare lessons at three levels (at least).
  • To provide practical strategies for mixed ability teaching and learning.
  • How to help Teaching Assistants (TAs) be most effective.

... also available as a training course

• Improving Behaviour - Practical Help

  • How to track, monitor and report on improved behaviour.
  • Making the task clear – motivating learners.
  • Suggesting successful ways forward.
  • Involving all stakeholders.
  • Celebrating improvements!

... also available as a training course

• Involving Pupils and their Parents/Carers in the Learning Process – Improving Teaching and Learning

  • Making individual targets clear for learners and with learners.
  • Making and using pupil version targets.
  • Using targets and objectives well in lessons and in EHC plan reviews.
  • Involving parents and carers in the learning process – extending time for learning.

... also available as a training course

• Individual and Small Group Coaching for Subject and Phase Leaders

  • Clarifying what has been achieved.
  • Helping to prioritise what needs to be done to improve.
  • Checking on the evidence – show, not tell!
  • Help for new, overseas, re-training or struggling teachers.
  • All ages and stages – SEN focus.

• Combine Advice and Training

  • Time spent with senior management/leadership teams to give them the skills, experience and confidence.
  • Time with subject leaders and groups of staff to focus on their development!

• Focus on your Practice – how good is it?

  • External specialists view?
  • You choose the aspects to focus on.
  • Discuss your needs with Maria and design the advice, support and training to match your needs!

• Good Ideas brought to your School/Area

  • Practical, interesting examples to show your staff from some of the very best providers.
  • Ideas to help you develop the highest quality teaching and learning.
  • Examples of best practice from some of the very best schools.

• Joint Work Sampling – doing it together!

  • All ages/phases – highest, average, lowest attainers.
  • P1 to NC8 – all levels.
  • What evidence of progress over time is there?
  • Evaluation analysis of targets, Records, Reports, Annual Results and Outcomes.

... also available as a training course

• Staying up-to-date – just checking!

  • Making sure you are up-to-date.
  • Do you know the latest legislation and curriculum requirements?
  • Have you seen the latest documents & support materials?

... also available as a training course

• Curriculum Coordinators in Special Schools, Free Schools, Academies and Mainstream Schools

  • The new National Curriculum – what is expected?
  • The curriculum leaders roles.
  • Mapping the curriculum – publishing on your website!
  • Planning formats – your PARRCs policy.
  • The National Agenda:
    • Inclusive.
    • Differentiated.
    • Personalised.
    • Preparation for life and work!
    • Mental capacity
  • Recognition and accreditation.
  • Disability awareness and equality.

• Ever Ready – Self Evaluation and it's Impact on Learning for Senior Leaders

  • The latest inspection changes.
  • The processes and systems to have in place.
  • Collecting, collating and analysing the evidence.
  • The best ways to be Ofsted ready and use the headteacher's report to governors.
  • Accountability and performance management at every level.
  • To be data savvy!

• New SEN Code of Practice in England – September 2014 onwards

  • Education, Health and Care Plans.
  • Graduated approach – evidence of provision and tracking ready.
  • Preparation for next stage.
  • Multi agency – trans-agency working.
  • Increased pupil/learner voice.
  • Are you meeting requirements?

... also available as a training course


Ask us for our fees – they are tailored to your requirements.