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Useful Information

We hope you find the following documents useful, please feel free to print them off and use within your organisation. We regularly add new files to this list, so it's a good idea to visit this page often. Certain files require Adobe Reader® to view them, you can download and install it by clicking on the button below.

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SEND Advice and update from Maria Landy – November 2016

Are you using your assessment information well? Focus on transition! P scales GO!


Assessment for learners with SEND 2016 - Maria Landy

Advice and update from Maria Landy – 2016 SEND. Topics include: The Importance of your Assessment Policy as part of your PARRCS policies; Planning, Assessment, Recording, Reporting, Celebrating and Standards; Life After National Curriculum Levels; Work together so you can compare progress.


60 Second Countdown – works really well as time warning for staff and pupils

Nikki Kennedy at Billing Brook in Northampton which is an an OUTSTANDING SCHOOL uses this excellent 60 Second Countdown to help her students and staff know that they have to finish their work and assess what they have learnt in the last minute left of their circuit or starter activity - used well it is incredibly powerful! Try it out as both a pupil and staff visual and aural timer warning. It will improve both the pace of your lessons and the motivation of your learners to start and end plenary - just click on or tap the screen!

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A Provision Map – a secondary school example

  • A step-by-step process for your school's provision - what happens each year?
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Accessibility Plan Review

  • Areas to be addressed in the Accessibility Plan.
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Activities for Children's and Adults' Communication

This is the Targets and Activities Project for sharing activities and ideas for work with children's and adults' communication. It is full of communication activities from EYFS upwards for all the subjects and done in developmental order so goes from P1i upwards...

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Ask the Parents

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Assessing Learners Views

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Assessing Pupils Progress – Have you seen these?

  • Resources you need to support you in assessing pupils' progress (APP) – the nationally recognised vocabulary.

Assessment OF and FOR Learning and Cycle of Pupil Achievement and Progress

I am indebted to Dave Victor and his skilled teaching team at Greenside School in Stevenage who mapped Assessment of and for Learning at their school and developed this Cycle of Pupil Progress and Achievement - a very good model in my view! It is also well worth looking at the Creative Curriculum section of their website - some stunning evidence of learning and great ideas to share!


British Values Action Plan

Maria suggests that you should see her suggested actions.

Maplefields School in Corby has trained their staff and listed what they do- and they do not mind sharing! Thankyou!

The SACRE document will help you update your SMSC policy! It is succinct and the best I have found and there is a useful checklist for you to do with your Governors.

Hope these documents help you!


Collecting the evidence - a school self-evaluation checklist

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Communicating – Our agreed policy for consistency including visual communication in classrooms

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Daniel Sobel's Essential Guide to the Pupil Premium

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Disclosure & Barring Service

Do your DBS application online.

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Draft Model School SEN Policy to meet the requirements of the SEN&D Code of Practice 2014

  • The first 3 pages provide a briefing introduction
  • Provides details of what is to be published re SEN&D on your website
  • Suggest draft SEN&D Policy for your school
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Dramatherapy and Family Therapy in Education – McFarlane

The power of Drama should not be underestimated! This is a helpful publication on Dramatherapy. Drawing on their own extensive experience, the authors give explanations of the models and techniques of their own specialist therapy, before exploring their joint work and innovative inclusion in a cooperative team of multi-disciplinary professionals. I am sure it will be valuable to you.

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Education Self-Evaluation – Check your evidence base and clarify roles and responsibilities

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Equal Opportunities - Suggest an Umbrella!

  • An Equal Opportunities Respect for All Policy that includes: EXAMPLE COVER, 3 YEAR POLICY, SCHEME and ACTION PLAN.
  • Maria extends her sincere thanks to Denise Young, Deputy Headteacher of Mountjoy School in Bridport, Dorset for researching and starting this process and Lynda Morgan, the Headteacher of Maplefields School in Kettering and Corby for helping to refine and extend it so it can meet the latest statutory requirements, promote and provide better equal opportunities and strive for greater respect for all!
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Experience and Achievement

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Flying Machine

Whilst at Rosehill School in Nottingham I saw the most amazing Flying Machine which was created in a room within the school by these two very talented artists.

There was great enjoyment and excitement. The pupils and staff acted out interactive creative stories and I particularly liked the great slant on promoting spiritual, moral, social and cultural development as they could choose to fly to China or India – have a look...

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Extended Learning – Formal recording of activities

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Governor Visit – Formal recording of visit

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Governor Visiting Policy and Guide

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GSP EDUCATION – 09 March 2009.doc

This is excellent guidance on safe working practice - especially the right hand side of the page from page 10 onwards - I suggest you get all staff to sigh they have read it and use it as an integral part of all new staff's induction - very clear what is expected!

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ICT across the curriculum in action

Highly recommend that you check out the curriculum links and see ICT across the curriculum links at this school.

Improving Schools Services – How Maria Landy Can Help!

Helping Schools to Improve Challenge and Support – Maria helps you to improve and develop yourself!

  • Specialist school improvement services especially to all types of special schools
  • SENCOs
  • SEN specialist providers
  • Supported Self Evaluation and Validation
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Incident Form

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Invitation Conference Report Special Schools Share – Rugby (1st December 2016)

Special Schools leading the way in responding to the Rochford Assessment Proposals. Notes from the Special Schools Share Invitation Conference – 1.12.16 at Rugby.

Leadership and Management

I am grateful to my friend and colleague Jan Martin for sharing her latest checklists covering Leadership & Management Evidence, and to Natalie Packer - who wrote "The Perfect SENCO", for their advice and support.


Learning! Learning! Learning! – Five key questions to ask when observing, judging or reflecting on learning!

  • 1. LEARNING? Do they know what they are learning?
  • 2. LEARNING PROMOTED! Are they engaged supported and challenged?
  • 3. PROGRESS? Are the learners making visible progress?
  • 4. LEARNING LINKED? Is the lesson well structured and linked to prior and future lessons?
  • 5. LEARNERS'ATTITUDES AND BEHAVIOUR? Is the lesson and learning well managed?
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LEARNING: Pupil Learning and Thinking Skills – Key Learning Indicators!

  • In recognition of the work done by the Senior Leaders in Curnow School in Cornwall especially Gina Briggs the Deputy Headteacher who tracked the PLTs back using the P scales.
  • Their expertise and experience is much appreciated!
  • Ensure the PLTs are planned into your curriculum.
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Learning styles and responses to new situations

  • A useful table outlining the Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic styles of learning.
  • Which are you?
  • Do you plan for all learners?
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Lesson Observation and Assessment

  • Time to update your lesson observation recording forms! Use the overall pattern as a feedback to your governors and staff. Make it an integral part of your School analysis on Achievement and Progress.
  • Maria has updated this lesson observation form and aide memoire in line with the latest Teachers' Standards!
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Lesson Observation Recording Form

The Lesson Observation Recording Form below has been developed by the Deputy Headteacher at Maplefields School in Corby, slightly modified by me, using the latest 2012 OfSTED Criteria with a particular focus on behaviour - for those who face the challenge of teaching pupils with ESBD - Emotional, Social and Behavioural Difficulties. We hope you find it useful and welcome feedback and details of any improvements you make.

Many thanks to Jan Martin who developed the additional checklists below. These should sit alongside your school's lesson observation proforma and directly relate to the new OfSTED Framework. By completing them, a school would be able to have a statistical basis for percentages like how well AfL is embedded in the classroom.

Also, many thanks to the Westminster Special Schools who have updated their record in line with teachers standards to help in the management of performance and to stress SMSC (Spiritual Moral Social and Cultural) development which is a key focus of the latest OFSTED criteria when judging lessons. For years they have used my recording form but this is a very good format too.


Making a judgement on the Quality of Teaching

It is important to get an overview of the quality of a teacher's work - this diagram is my interpretation of the latest national guidance and links directly with the expectations of meeting the national standards for teachers.

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Making and Measuring Progress

How to show progress for pupils with SEND - strategies to demonstrate progress - Jan Martin's ebook - have a look...

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Maths Self Assessment Stickers

These motivational stickers were designed by Geraldine Lindsay who is Head of Maths at Great Oaks School in Southampton – print them off on sticky labels and get your pupils to self record their achievements!


Mental Health - PSHE - What to teach

Teacher guidance for preparing to teach about mental health and emotional wellbeing. The best guidance I have read seen!

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National Curriculum Review

I have summarised the latest news re the National Curriculum, plus an update on the growth of Academies and Free Schools and made reference to the newly published Ofsted evaluation schedule for the inspection of boarding and residential provision in schools. The curriculum is part of the Leadership and Management sections of the latest OfSTED Framework.

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The National Curriculum in England 2014

Maria Landy helps you prepare - for you, your staff and governors. Please read this presentation while referring to the National Curriculum - Department for Education framework document dated July 2013.

Many thanks also to Gina Briggs, the Headteacher from CURNOW SCHOOL an OUTSTANDING Special School I work with in Cornwall, who has worked on the overview of the new draft English Curriculum 2013 over the Easter holidays as well as the Maths Primary Scheme of Work with colleagues from Doubletrees and Nancealverne schools in Cornwall.

The National Strategies Terminology - Achievement etc...

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OfSTED Inspection Updated from September 2015

OfSTED Updates from September 2015 – see Maria Landy's updates for Special Schools, SEN&D, Primary Early Years and 16-19 provision.

Optimus Education Summary - Ofsted inspection update - September 2015

Optimus Education has provided a useful clear handout of the main changes for Schools staff - it is especially relevant for Senior Leaders and Governors.

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Performance Management and Classroom Observation – Before, During and After

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Personalised Programmes - Explaining clearly what the student is learning

  • How to explain personalised programmes using intensive interaction as an example.
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PIES – Physical > Intellectual > Emotional & Social Progress Tracking

Maria suggests you use this simple visual way to show parents, carers, colleagues and inspectors progress over time based on judgements made by your teaching team and multi disciplinary specialists. Add this progress tracking to your simple pen pictures and welcome to class files that you give new staff or when you are formally observed.

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Preparing for the new Common Inspection Framework (CIF) of non-association independent special schools from September 2015

Ever Ready – be ready for the new OfSTED Common Inspection Framework - school inspections in non-association special schools.

Preparing for OfSTED – The Governors self-evaluation

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Prevent Duty Checklist

It is wise to placed PREVENT on your full Governing Body meeting's agenda to discuss each meeting alongside SAFEGUARDING - as a standalone agenda item - this will feature there and obviously be recorded in all minutes.

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The Primary National Curriculum in England

  • Maria Landy helps you to understand The Primary Curriculum in England.
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Progression Booklet 2010-11

Advice on improving data to raise attainment and maximise the progress of learners with special educational needs.

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Promoting Disability Equality in Schools – Consulting and Gathering Views

Excellent resources for enabling pupils with SEN to contribute to the consultation process for accessibility plans/ equality schemes.

Pupil Learning and Thinking Skills (PLTS)


Religious Education - P Level Examples

  • Planning, teaching and assessing the curriculum for pupils with learning difficulties.
  • Also links to useful websites.

Roles of the Support Worker

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Safeguarding and Child Protection

Safeguarding and Child Protection – for Governors and staff.


School Monitoring and Evaluation Model

These are the key documents to demonstrate a schools monitoring and evaluation processes plus improvement and development priorities. Using the new OfSTED Inspection Schedule from September 2015 this model focuses on the main contents to include and cross reference. With thanks to the Headteachers of Nethergate School, Nottingham, and Maplefields School, Corby.

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Self-Evaluation Evidence – Health and Safety

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Self-Evaluation for Subject, Aspect, Faculty and Student/Pupil Progress Leaders

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The SEN&D Code of Practice: 0-25 years – in England from September 2014 onwards

My introduction to the SEN&D Code is designed to be read with the main SEN Code of Practice document - it is for the staff and governors of schools, colleges, early years providers and Health and Social Care professionals plus parents and carers. I hope you find the presentation and associated documents helpful...


The SEND reforms explained

I think this Mencap version should be part of every school's induction of new staff pack - it was written for older students and I think it is really helpful. Document written by MENCAP.

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SNAP Childcare / SNAP16+

SNAP Childcare is a specialist recruitment agency placing nannies and, team leaders & specialist childcare workers to work with babies and children with additional needs. SNAP16+ recruits enablers, buddies and PA's for young people aged 16+. We offer a nationwide service. The people we place have a wide range of experience including Makaton, BSL, Conductive Education, physio, speech and Occupational Therapy.


Spiritual, Moral, Social, Cultural and Emotional Development (including British Values)

  • Thanks to The Robert Ogden School and Linda and Chris in particular for sharing how they have mapped SMSC across Maths and History – also see the relevant National Guidance.

Stakeholders Views

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Staff Questionnaire

  • Maria is pleased that Sue Gething does not mind sharing this with others as it will strengthen your evidence base and improve your practice.
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Standardised Tests - What do you use?

Details of standardised assessment tests, this handy reference sheet is grouped by subject and age range.

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Teaching and Learning Assessment – 10 Part Lesson

  • Maria Landy suggests a ten part lesson – see what you think?
  • She suggests the important component parts of a successful lesson!
  • She offers advice on how to prepare to be observed teaching!
  • Also focus on learning and self evaluation – see the suggested criteria – find Learning, Learning, Learning!
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Ten skills taken for granted to help you do your job, help at interviews and to reflect on your skills

  • Ten skills, keywords and definitions for effective teaching and learning.
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The Garden

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The Importance of Teaching – White Paper 2010

  • The White Paper was published on Wednesday 24 November 2010.
  • This summary focuses on the headlines most relevant to Special Educational Needs and Special Schools in particular.
  • It is important to refer to the full text but for busy professionals, staff and governors this summary may help to access the 85 page document - 92 pages cover to cover!
  • The White Paper is split into eight chapters. This summary highlights some of the most important aspects related to SEN issues and to special schools in particular.

The monitoring of teaching and learning by subject leaders/co-ordinators' checklist

  • How to record when visiting each other's classroom, remit and check list.
  • Understanding the task.
  • Collecting the evidence.
  • A checklist to record your visit and provide the evidence.

Training materials for teachers of learners with severe, profound and complex learning difficulties

New online training materials for teachers of SLD PMLD pupils. Good stuff and lots of it. I like how you can customise the training plans.

The training materials cover multiple areas of SEND and are clustered into modules, each of which represents a specific topic.

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Wonderful World – Assembly photographs

A collection of amazing photos for use in your assemblies.

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Work Related Learning – Risk Assessment

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Andy Walker, the English Leader at Great Oaks School in Southampton, has developed these stickers to help with marking pupils' work! Thanks Andy

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